Pre Purchase Car Inspection

Pre Purchase Car Inspection in Perth

We Come to You

Mechanic on Wheels has been servicing Perth and surrounding areas with top-notch pre-purchase car inspection services at great prices. Enabling and empowering used-car buyers with a 100+ point’s exhaustive pre-purchase car inspection report along with high-quality photos.

Don’t take a chance or risk your investment of a used car purchase without a detailed vehicle inspection report that will put you in an advantageous position and help you make a highly informed decision. Our range of pre-purchase car inspection services in Perth is unbiased, our prices are transparent, and our mechanics are highly experienced. Together we offer you efficient and quick inspection services at a cost that will work for you.


If you’re not a mechanic, don’t risk it!

The truth is that most of us do not have the experience to know if a car is any good. And while our pre-purchase car inspection report may list items that seem confusing, rest assured that our inspection leaves no stone unturned in the assessment of the car, and the mechanic will explain it all in lay mans terms. It’s nuts to risk buying an expensive money pit. Best to get an expert opinion from the outset and have total peace of mind.

We want to provide car buyers like you the confidence to purchase a car with the understanding of its full history as well as any defects or signs of damage. Mechanic on Wheels team takes pride in their ability to help our customers make the right decision when investing in a car, van, motorhome, 4×4 or truck.

After all, buying a vehicle, new or used, is a significant investment, which is why a Mechanic on Wheels represents money well spent.

Here are a few of the primary checks that will be part of the Pre Purchase Car Inspection Report: