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Do you want to keep your car’s performance to its peak? You will need to keep it well-maintained then, and particularly focus on the fuel pump to get the best mileage. Otherwise, a leak or a related problem in the pump might lead to issues and hamper your commute. So, get your vehicle’s pumping mechanism assessed today by Mechanic on Wheels since we perform car fuel pump repairs in Perth apart from fixing other problems. Our mechanics are experts in diagnosing the problems in car components and efficiently fix them as quickly as possible. Therefore, rest assured that they will assess the condition of the fuel pump in your car and repair it with precision to retain its manoeuvrability.

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What’s Included in Our Perth Car Fuel Pump Repair Service?

Vehicles with Fuel Injection Systems (EFI) should have their Fuel Injection systems serviced every 50,000 kms or 3 years to maintain the power and fuel economy of your engine.  More importantly, severe engine damage can result from blocked fuel injectors which is a common problem when the fuel injection system is not regularly serviced.

Our Fuel Injection Service process involves:

We can also service your Diesel Fuel Injection System, which will maximise your vehicle’s power and minimise fuel costs. More importantly, it will also help avoid engine damage arising from blocked injectors.

Problems Your Fuel Pump Could Cause

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