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A logbook or scheduled service is when your vehicle is serviced at the nominated interval in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Your vehicle does not have to be serviced by a dealer during the new car warranty period; the ACCC has confirmed  that independent repairers like Mechanic on Wheels may sign or stamp your service logbook without affecting your statutory warranty providing the repairer is qualified, follows the manufacturer’s requirements and uses products  that meet the original specification. For more information regarding consumer rights and servicing vehicles under  warranty, please read this information booklet from the Australia Automotive Aftermarket Association.

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Logbook service key items:

Most Reliable Logbook Service in Sydney

It is important to follow your manufacturers recommended vehicle service schedule to ensure that your car remains in perfect working order. This normally involves servicing your vehicle every 10,000 – 15,000 kilometres or every 6 – 12 months (whichever occurs first). By servicing your vehicle regularly you minimise the risk of small problems becoming dangerous and expensive to repair.

Log Book Servicing

Our Manufacturer Log Book servicing guarantees that all the requirements of your warranty are fulfilled. In event of a warranty claim Mechanic on Wheels can provide immediate proof of service history, fitment of Genuine Parts and use of correct oils and lubricants; ensuring that your warranty claim can be processed immediately.