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Mechanic on Wheels provides Brake Service, Repair & Inspection in Perth and surrounding areas. Never ignore any indications of Car Brake Repairs. Brake Repair and Service at regular intervals is a good choice to avoid costly problems.

Mechanic on Wheels offers brake repairs for your vehicle. So if your brakes are not operating 100%, possibly making a sharp noise? You may even find that it takes longer to stop than usual. This could mean you are due for a brake system check-up, as we all know how important they are for driving safety. Here at Mechanic on Wheels, we put your mind at ease to ensure your brake system is the best it can be, ensuring the ability to stop smoothly and sharply when required. Our expert mechanics will ensure total servicing of brakes inside and out.

Brake disc run out is being checked by a Mechanic, using a DTI (Dial Test Indicator) gauge, to test to see if they are warped, this can cause brake judder if they are not straight and true.

Disc Brake Services

On car disc machining, brake and pad replacements, inspection and repacking of front wheel bearings, inspection of hydraulics and full disc brake service reports

Drum Brake Services

Full system inspection, shoe replacements, cleaning and adjustments of brakes, machining of drums and cleaning of bearings. The faulty braking system can cause serious accidents. Our technicians will ensure the best performance and safety of your vehicle.


Diagnosis, Parts, Repairs & Servicing

No matter what type of car you drive from a 1950s classic to the latest and greatest we are sure to have all your vehicles braking requirements. We diagnose and service brake systems on Cars, Commercial Vehicles, 4WD’s & Caravans.

Common Brake Symptoms & Their Possible Causes:


In either steering wheel, brake pedal or even the entire vehicle can be caused by the disc rotor surface being scored, loose brake components or faulty steering components.


Possible causes are restricted brake lines, frozen calipers or wheel cylinders, or even damaged brake linings. Soft brake pedal indicates adjustment required or more serious problems.


Low foot pressure causing brakes to grab is a sign of contamination of the braking surface or a component getting ready to fail - usually in an extreme braking situation.


if your vehicle pulls to one side when braking, possible causes are low tyre pressure, frozen callipers or brake adjustment required. Drag is caused by your brakes failing to release, which leads to poor economy and eventually brake failure.


Some noise is expected however excessive squealing, grinding or chatter requires attention. Correct fitment procedure by experienced brake technicians is paramount in eliminating these noises.

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Over 10 years we have been able to work on a number of vehicles. We take pride in helping our clients when they need our assistance. It is our policy to follow strong work ethics and keep our customers fully satisfied.