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Whether it’s scorching heat or bone-chilling cold outside, you don’t feel uncomfortable at all and keep on enjoying your drive, only because of the Air Conditioning System in your car. Therefore, you must keep it in the top-class condition at all points in time. We repair and service car air conditioning systems across Perth and surrounding Suburbs.

A Car Aircon system can show several signs of trouble, such as low cooling, moist air, pungent smell, and so on, which can be due to refrigerant leakage, damaged compressor, or any other reason. We find out this reason and conduct necessary repairs to enable you to appreciate the cool breeze of air flowing from your car AC system once again.

Car engine inspection tool with inspection and installation of car air conditioning system in the garage.

How Do We Do It?

At Mechanic on Wheels , we provide leak detection, lubrication, regassing and climate control services. When conducting our air con services, every vehicle is vacuum tested, with UV dye leak detection added into the system. This material will stay in the system for life, making any leaks that occur in the future super easy to find.

We recommend having your A/C system serviced every two years to make sure it is nice and cool to beat the Perth heat! Our services are mobile throughout the Perth. Want a free quote? Call our team today on 0405 511 324

Our Car Air Conditioning Services Include:

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